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How ‘Baby Shark’ made the Washington Nationals your toddler’s favorite baseball team – Yahoo Sports

HOUSTON — If you want to know just how weird and random and glorious this World Series run is for the Washington Nationals, consider this: As Wednesday night turned into Thursday morning and the Nats were taking a 2-0 lead over the Astros, thousands of people 1,400 miles away were sitting inside a baseball stadium in Washington D.C. pretending to be sharks.

Baby Sharks and Daddy Sharks and Mommy Shark. And heck, even Grandpa …….

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SPERGO Clothing ‘Shark Tank’ Update — Net Worth Now – Distractify

Source: ABC

For people who would love a little insight on launching a new business, one of the best reality TV shows to watch is Shark Tank.

The show features a cast of extremely wealthy investors who get compete to invest in small businesses or companies that need that extra push to really succeed

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In the case of SPERGO Clothing, FUBU founder Damon Dash and Lori Greiner w…….

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